by r.u.u.n.e.

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rizingfeniximogi was written and recorded by Ruune
over 2 weeks in november using:
-1 original gameboy
-1 pink gameboy pocket
-1 novation launchkey mini
-ableton, audacity, and garageband

r.u.u.n.e. is a multi-talented artist with a variety of other resources available here: www.ruune.net

this album is free for download with no option for payment. If you would like to support the artist, physical copies will be available at shows, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription on Patreon here: tinyurl.com/hnzwrcq


released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Skip, Jump Records Boston, Massachusetts

acoustic/ everything DIY Label from everywhere


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Track Name: Body
Sometimes right before I go to bed, is when my hair, it always looks the best. I ask why it couldn't look this good before, when I cared? A voice is taking over, and hair by hair it's all in my head: that I am not a mountain pass and I am still no riverbed. Metaphors go out the door, your silence is enough to scream: Let me listen to my body to hear the words and bones carved upon me all around me. Don't give me your poetry give it to me straight, don't romanticize this hell I'm in, just let me hate.
Track Name: Sunset
I would rather be on fire than cold: alchemist fire made out of gold, but my Lover loves everything colder, so I'll free everything over and over. I clap my hands and blot out the sun, I won't rest till the day is done. My lover says that he loves the darkness, so I'll give him every sunset. I would rather be ablaze then entombed, but my fondness for blizzards has grown.
Track Name: Loyalty
You can cut this out this time. This time its too deep, too deep: You can cut it on your teeth if you want to taste when your gums bleed. If you want to wish that we'd never meet. I would light you on fire. I would leave you out in the cold, bury you under the dirt, and drown you where the oldest spirits sleep. You couldn't keep one single promise. Promise ring: Song's You Sing About Loyalty. And the question is: if you cut it out, will it still hurt? Fill the rest with complaints of all the fake saints testing my self worth. Even as I tear off all my crowns the crowd still tears me down. I'm a pauper beaten to a prince, what can I do to rinse my hands?
Track Name: Contender
I saw the heavy handed stance of the other fighters. I know, row by row they each have bricks in their gloves. Two by two, I let them strike as if a dream. Blow by blow I fall to the floor below, but I said: “No, I will rise” I am a phoenix, I am a burning sigil in the sky: and I will try again. I walk the gauntlet, with baseball bats and my bones crack, but they can only stike my shell. I can always give up this hell if I want to, and blow by blow I fall to the floor below. but I said: “No, I will rise” I am a phoenix, I am a burning sigil in the sky: and I will try again.
Track Name: Ghost
I wasn't born with lady lips or lady hair, in fact I am balding. I wasn't born with lady hips, I am not a man or a girl. I cut the chord, and let it fade: its all the same, until it explodes. This death of me won't be the end of me, I will be set free when I let go: Then I won't have to be ghost. I wasn't born with all the tips: the loser's grip which is slowly constricting me. When will I find the key to take it slow, and make it holy?
Track Name: Hologram
If I were to name you after an elixer, you would be an iodine of answers. If I were to fix you but you refused to fix her, where would that leave us now? I am a ray of light, cutting through a hologram night. Visible, but with no power. Survival of the singular always over-rides the survival of the plural when you are the singular inside.
Track Name: Sparkly
Give me seven earths and four fires, a stake at the world before things get too dire. I'll take it all with me, everything: I'll take it all with me when I go. Is it sparkling, like it has a horn?
Track Name: TrashFire
The Fourth Week of October I was towered: When lightning struck I was paper, and then I burned. I am made of things I threw away, burning all those things today. Am I a trash fire? Cast a circle, draw a square, light a fire over there. Call their names so you can clear your name: of pain that is theirs to bear. Banish me from myself, let the embers glow before they end. Close the circle, leave it there: start my life over again. I'm fine now.