by Kevin Boardman

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Kevin Boardman of Peach Pits, Cathugs and Stolen Pizza's first solo release!


released November 27, 2015

All songs written, recorded and performed by Kevin Boardman

Skip, Jump Records 2015



all rights reserved


Skip, Jump Records Boston, Massachusetts

acoustic/ everything DIY Label from everywhere


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Track Name: Hey There
Can you grab the scissors?
I need you to cut this rope
I just thought of my sister
Plus it hurts my throat

Hey there mister
Can I use your phone?
I just thought of my brother
And the silence that we know

I'm the runt of the litter
So much for the afterglow
I just thought of my father
I'm afraid to watch him go

Hey there, Mister
I really want to go home
I just thought of my mother
I hope she doesn't feel alone
Track Name: Orlando
I'm goin back to Orlando
To commit some felonies
And when I come up to New England
You'll think the worst of me
My face will be plastered on pictures
"WANTED" the text will read
you won't let me explain a thing
and you'll want me six feet deep

But it don't matter
No it don't matter to me
Cause you'll have your ideas
I'll drink my beer
And we'll be dead in the dirt soon

I'm going to back to Orlando
I can't say I'm too proud
a man with the biggest ears I've seen
he's taken everything I've had
He got my wallet and he got my mind
He lives in a fantasy
I'm gonna put him in so far in the ground
Make a mockery of Mickey

But it don't matter
No it don't matter to me
The children will cry
And I'll feel miserable
But the magic kingdom took all my money
Track Name: So I Sleep
It's 7 am I'm woken up
I hear you screaming down the stairs
You're shotuing "that's abuse"
And I'm too afraid to go down there

So I sleep
my dreams I keep
And there's a version of myself
that's not afraid to speak

I can't say it's unfamilar
In fact these sounds are quite routine
I don't think you've ever hit her
but I'm sure she's sick of all the screams

So I sleep
My dreams are weak
And now I'm a light sleeper thanks to you
So I sleep
my dreams I keep
And there's a version of myself
that's not afraid to speak
Track Name: I Don't Like this Album
Maybe I have no reasons
Maybe you have quite a few
Maybe we're due this season
to change from what we're used too

but I never felt a difference
and you never saw
and I had little confidence
Please turn off Warsaw

I've never liked Joy Divison
I don't need a reason
please turn off the radio
or I'll smash it to pieces
Track Name: The TV Is On But You're Here
No I don't
have a different joke
Lately I seem to be
all out of those
but whatever makes you laugh
please go towards that
the last thing I want
is for you to feel bad

and I can't decide
if this is my life
or I am just acting
for the night

No I don't
have a different joke
you could say my humor's gone
or you could say I should switch coasts
but whatever I decide to do
I know it'll be with you
so please humor me
as we walk under the falling trees

and I do know
that this is the show
that I was meant to watch
thanks for not changing the program
Track Name: American Living
storm clouds sit above a prision
how fitting?
tiny boxes move along the the asphlat
for daily bread winning
you're cheating on your wife
but you've never considred sinning
and a kid is doing life
cause he sold, and they got him for killing
and i'm doing alright
for this american living

the rain comes down and floods the cells
how persistent
the tiny boxes park themselves
engines hissing
and your wife will never know
that you're fucking your assitant
and that kid is on death row
and no one will visit
and I'm feeling low
in this american living
Track Name: Bug
There are bugs
all around me
every night
they surround me

if they crawl in my mouth
I'll become one
it'll be different
let's give it a run

I'll have more legs
I might be able to fly
I'll die sooner
and no one will cry

I won't have to focus
on the future
I'll be gone in a day
and I'll be deemed as useless

that's just what I want
to live and be forgot
I want to get trapped
and never come back

I'd never get hurt
I'd never have to work
I'd have one thousand eyes
and never see the worst

but I'm not
they never crawled in my mouth
I woke up still a human
I want to get out
Track Name: Motel 6 in Minneapolis
four or five years ago
I saw this tv show
and on it was a guy
that said he would never die
and I said man that's impossible
aren't you a little accident prone
all the sudden from the TV
the man in the box responded to me
and he said
"this is make believe
can't you have some fun
or are you always bummed?"
I couldn't belive what I just seen
this man talkin to me from my TV
so I threw my soda on the ground
it flooded the room, and I packed my bags
then left town
I posted up in a motel six
outside of minneapolis
the air was too cold to breathe
so I stayed inside and watched tv
I flipped through the channels
and there he was
balding in a suit, with a beer gut
and he said to me
"it's just TV, I'm harmless ya see
everything's adding up to this, I'm on every TV
in every motel six
I'm on channel one at the club
channel two at your friend lou's
channel three on your mom's tv
channel four in every college dorm
channel five at the local dive
channel six at for the apocolypse
channel seven at your house Kevin
channel eight at that guy's house you hate
channel nine in the grocery line
and channel ten when it's time your end
I'm the devil can't you see
I'm everywhere you need to be x4